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During the last pilgrimage to the homeland in Łagiewniki, Saint John Paul II entrustment of the world to Divine Mercy. For many years, at every Mass celebrated in the Basilica of Divine Mercy, after Holy Communion we have been repeating this act. In today's threat of the coronovirus epidemic, the words of this prayer sound exepctionally loud. We encourage everyone to pray with it: In our Sanctuary in the Hour of Mercy after the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, we will also sing the supplication "Holy God, Holy Strong..." and then we will also say the prayer „the Act of entrustment of the world to Divine Mercy” by connecting with those who, thanks to radio and television transmission and the Internet are praying with us. At the Hour of Mercy, we pray to the good God for those who died as a result of the coronary virus. We pray for health for the sick and for the doctors, medical staff and all services that work to stop the spread of this virus. We pray for the epidemic to end.

ACT OF ENTRUSTMENT OF THE WORLD TO DIVINE MERCY - St. John Paul II, 17 August 2002, Kraków-Łagiewniki