The Convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Cracow-Łagiewniki had first come into being as a foundation of count Aleksander Lubomirski. The latter deposited a big sum of money for charity into the hands of Albin Cardinal Dunajewski. Out of this fund a dozen or so hectares of land had been purchased in the village of Łagiewniki near Cracow in the year 1889. Subsequently, a home for women and girls in need of moral revival, as well as a chapel and convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy had been built. The entire area was fenced off with a wall and was henceforth referred to as Józefów, in praise of St. Joseph whom the sisters regarded as the patron saint of the foundation and their apostolic work. On 20 August 1891 Albin Cardinal Dunajewski consecrated the chapel dedicated to St. Joseph as well as an extension of the convent which was to house the Home of Mercy a place for young women and girls in need of deep moral revival. In it the sisters conducted their educational activity which from the very beginning was based on the principle of respect for the dignity of the human being, the nurturing of Christian values, and above all, on instilling in its inmates the idea of trust in God who is rich in mercy and preparing them to professional life and independent and noble life within the society. An important role in the educational process was played by work which was at the same time a source of sustenance for both the sisters and the young women entrusted to their care. In the Łagiewniki Home of Mercy run by the sisters there were workshops of plain and coloured embroidery, weaving as well as a laundry, a book-binding shop, a gardening and an agricultural center. Thanks to these varied forms of educational activity, the former magdalenes were able to return to respectable life in the society. The educational activity in the form of total care of young women and girls in need of deep moral revival organized in the so called Home of Mercy was conducted within the convent from the very beginning of its existence until the year 1962 when the state authorities annexed the convent's reform school as well as a major part of its estate, allowing it to retain only one wing of the building, the chapel, a part of the garden and the cemetary. A few years later, (in 1969) the sisters organized within the convent a day care center for socially maladjusted youth, known by the name of Source. The center operated until the year 1991. In the year 1989 the state authorities returned the girls' reform school to the congregation. At the present moment, the center is known by the name of Young People's Educational Center. Within it, the sisters run a boarding-school as well as 3 senior schools: a high school, a vocational hair dressing school and a gastronomical school for girls aged 15 - 18 who are in need of assistance and moral renewal. Almost from the very beginning of its existence for since the year 1893, the convent in Cracow-Łagiewniki has housed a novitiate of the Congregation which except for a short interlude, has remained in operation until the present day. In it in the course of two years of formation, young generations of prospective nuns, prepare themselves to life in a religious order and to conducting apostolic work.